Weight Watchers

One of the most successful weight loss programs of all times, Weight Watchers continues to be popular with participants of varying ages and weight loss goals. Weight Watchers assigns each food has a particular Points value, which you can check with a slide tool called a Points Finder. Any food with a nutrition label can be checked for Points value. Participants track their Points per day and substitute foods accordingly to stay within their Point cap.

Types of food allowed:
Counting system applied to foods of your choice, within your calorie limit.

Program focuses on healthy food choices and lifestyle changes, support groups and weekly weigh ins provide extra support for members and support group meetings are widely available. The diets are well balanced and no special foods or formulas are required.

Program is moderately expensive and translating points to non weight watcher's products can be very tricky.

Health Issues:
No health issues. Promotes healthy eating habits and weight management.

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