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Apple and Tape Measure Graphic  You have found seriousweightloss.net the brand new support site for weight loss. We provide the most up to date info available on all topics relating to weight loss; from nutrition to exercise, diet to weight loss surgery, health risks to eating disorders. If it exists in the world of weight loss you will probably find it here! We find information on the latest developments, surgeries, fads, etc, and publish any relevant information so that you can make the best decisions regarding your health and weight loss.

Over the past couple decades, obesity has become rampant in the United States affecting one out of every four adults. Fast food feasting has become commonplace in our fast paced lifestyles. Technology has enabled us to shop, research, and even order pizza online, and with that, we find ourselves spending more time sitting in front of our computers than we spend exercising. With all these things that add to the likelihood of becoming obese, we felt there needed to be a resource that helped combat the problem.

Serious Weight Loss was founded on the premise of community based support with a focus on providing quality information regarding the many topics and aspects of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Serious Weight Loss is for everyone who is serious about losing weight whether it be through traditional diet and exercise, or weight loss surgery. No matter which option you find is best for you, we provide you with all the information needed to completely succeed in your goal.